Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Be mindful of the bits of life that makes you, YOU!

Drops of water from the tap fill the bowl. Yes? No? Whatever you indulge in every tick-tock of the clock, count towards the big picture of your life. What is running from the tap? What is filling the bowl? You would probably say, water, gas/fuel runs from the tap, and whatever runs from it, fills the bowl. Really? You may not be able to control what runs from the tap but you sure can control what fills the bowl. Today is a day. Tomorrow, it will be two days, the day after, it will be three days…tick tock, tick tock, and time is running. What is your plan for your life? In the near future, what do see you becoming and fulfilling as a grown adult? You should know that, whatever you do today affects what you would finally become. The drops of water from the tap is what happens in life around you and the water that flows to the bowl, is what you indulge in daily that makes you, YOU. Guide your heart, mind and ways so jealously, so every dick and harry will not drop just about anything in you.  You can sure control what you indulge in and what you should not. You want to party day after day? You should indulge in things that will contribute finally to who you want to become in life. Do not say to yourself, I will indulge myself once a week and that’s it. This may become the building block of who you might become overtime. Be mindful of the bits of life that makes you, YOU!
Everything you do each day, count towards who you become!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Get your emotions out of the way!

Facts get blurry with emotions. Lousy decisions and bad choices takes center stage in one’s life with emotions in play. Life is too precious to allow emotions get in the way. Each day we interact with people we meet and we are to make decisions from conversations that ensue. Each day we make choices of what cloths to buy, what friends to keep, what friends to strike out from circles of friends, what business to startup, what school to attend and so on and forth. You do not want to mess up with your life. Emotions are to be controlled at all times so they do not rub us of a good life. If not controlled, it causes you to make major and minor mistakes. Example: A young man/lady seeks someone to whom he may be engaged to; look at the facts when making a decision. Does she/he have the potential to be successful? His she/he a mediocre? Who are her/his friends? How does he treat family? What are is short and long term goal? Emotional decision looks at the colour of his eyes, white teeth and velvety skin. Engagement is a major decision in your life because the person you marry would have an influence in your life forever. Sometimes we get into quarrels with colleagues and friends, that should not mean you cannot straighten things out. Emotions tells you to not reconcile but your head says you have to. Do not allow your emotions control you. Do not make major and minor decisions hurriedly. Emotions are a vital part of our lives but we must draw the line between our heads and our hearts. You should know when either of both is involved. Your parents warn you to desist from moving with the wrong crowd, you shun them because you are insecure without your friends. Please, get your thoughts straight. Count the cost of a bad decision against the odds of a good decision made with eyes and brain intact. Life is too beautiful and sensitive to play Ping-Pong with it. Get your emotions out of the way!

Use your head and not your emotions for decisions.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Don't be shy to ask for help!

Everyone at one point in their lives sorted assistance or help from friends, parents, siblings, professors, advisor, pastors and mentors to get to where they are today. Nobody ever got to whatever position they are today without help from someone. No single human is a know-it-all individual. Everyone seek knowledge, that’s why we read books and go to school and the professors give that knowledge, also writers. Life is about precepts. And these precepts are built and attained one step at a time. Do not be shy to ask for help when you are stuck financially or when you are on that road and think you are lost on the next step to take. You may even be a new employee and do not know how to use the computer or you may know how to use the computer but don’t know how to use all the features in excel. Seek help. When you seek help; be truthful and at the same time respectful of the person you are seeking help from. Sometimes you get a “NO” or “I am sorry I cannot assist at this time” for an answer. Do not be fretful of the word “No”. “No” do not mean; you should give up now. “No” means, go to the next in line. Life is about humans having the back of another. Life is not a lonesome place. If someone says “No” that’s not the time to think of committing suicide or indulging in drinking to stupor. When you drink to calm your anger or fears, the same thing you covered with a drink will rise up and hunt you when your eyes are clear of drunkenness.  If someone says “No, I cannot assist you at this time” it means you can try again another time. Be strong and help yourself get ahead in life by asking for help. Scream for help, forget about what people think. Do not be shy to ask for help otherwise you are setting yourself up for failure.
Ask for help!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dialogue is better than silent treatment!

Yesterday’s blog was about each of us contributing our quota to a better environment. Today is about silent treatment. Silent treatment is commonly practiced among friends, married couples, family members and employees’. Silent treatment is a revenge tactics exhibited by someone to another as a result of hurt done them. They ignore people like they don’t exist and this habit finally becomes part of their character. It is very easy to practice silent treatment and become a pro at it. The popular legend states, “Practice makes perfect”. The more you ignore persons, who hurt you, the better you become in the act. Silent treatment should not be practiced by anyone. If someone hurt you, you should tell them. If your wife hurt you, you should call her in love and let her know, so she can have the opportunity to say, “Sorry”. Sometimes people go through a lot in their life and want to be left alone but it does not help them; if you tried to help such persons and they ignore you, try again because they really need someone to talk to. Also, people do not know they have hurt someone because they grew up in an environment where saying certain words don’t matter. How could a man say he loves his wife and he has not been talking with her for two months and still counting? Or a woman saying she loves her husband and she is not ready to dialogue for a better family. How can a family member say, they love each other and silent treatment is in practice in the house. Sometimes, friends also practice this. Dialogue is far better than silent treatment. Learn to tell someone they just hurt you, given them the chance to apologize. Also, make understanding, your friend, by choosing the right words to say and saying it at the right time too. Learn to dialogue, because it is better than silent treatment.
Dialogue is key to getting along!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Contribute your quota to a better environment!

The environment we live in today is worse off than what it was some years back. Everyone is pointing at someone else but them, for all the wrong in our immediate environment. If anything is amiss with the environment we should be pointing at us. There is something everyone can do to make the environment better than it is. The people we voted for can only do much. The responsibility of making our environment a better place is up to us. Clearing/mowing the grass/lawn around your house is your responsibility.  Instilling discipline in your kids is your responsibility; do not leave this to the child’s principal, the principal can only do much. Kids are the future, teach them right, they represent you. Press their rumpled cloths before they put it on. Teach your kids to pick up litter on their path in classroom. You should pick up litter on the office floor as you walk by, do not call the cleaner from the third floor to pick up a piece of paper on your path, on the ground floor. Make your work table clog free/neat. Clean up your room and entire house so it would be free of bugs. Cleaning your house and making it habitable is a wise choice only you can make, and it can save your entire family from sickness/disease. Wash your hair. Take your bath, do not wake up and spray perfume to cover up smell, it may make it worse and worse still for other people to breath. It is your responsibility to make the environment what it is meant to be, not the government. If everyone can do a little, it would go a long way. Contribute your own quota to a better environment today!
Contribute your quota to a better environment!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Every dream is a soon-to-be reality!

Do not underestimate the power of thoughts. Possibilities are endless. Sit down. Dream dreams! Think possibilities! There is a chance for every dream to come true, if you can only think it. Every dream has the potential of coming alive. As regards progress, where are you now? Your reality is only a dream away. Some say dreams are illusions. No, they are not. Dreams can come true if you only believe and act on it. Dreaming does not mean, sleeping and having nightmares at night. Dream in this context means, sitting down and thinking of several ways you can move from point A to point B. Everyone on the face of the earth can achieve anything they set their hearts to. Open the door of your heart and keep it open. If you desire to be at a certain position in your progress in life, you should set your heart and will towards achieving that which you have dreamt. To every dream, there is a possibility of it happening!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What drives your desire to succeed?

Some individuals’ desire for success is not driven by their past achievements. Their desire to succeed is driven by the car a friend just bought, a friend who just got married, a neighbor who just built a house, a friend who just rented an apartment or flat, a preacher who just bought a jet for personal use, a colleague who just got promoted and so on and forth. All these are genuine successes of people around you and they must be praised for their determination to have gotten thus far. You should be happy for these individuals. Being happy does not mean to say you should be envious or jealous of their successes at the same time. If you are jealous of these individuals, there is the probability you would do the wrong things to achieve whatever you are clamoring to have. The desire to be the best of you each preceding year should be your goal. Your competition is with your past achievement. You should weigh your past achievement with your present and if you are not satisfied with were you are, you may need to have a better plan to achieve greater results. What drives your desire to succeed? Is it to outdo your friend, neighbor, sister, brother, nephew niece, classmates or boss? Let none of these drive your desire to succeed. Your desire to succeed should only be a drive from the dissatisfaction with your present state or past. Never be envious of anyone, your purpose for being is different. You cannot monitor every move they make to measure your success. Ask yourself what drives my desire to succeed? And then, look back at your past achievement and outdo it!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's up to you now!

Yesterday’s blog was about discipline. Today, it’s about you having the keys to the door of success or failure. Growing up as children was not much fun, as; our parents wanted the best for us and so they laid down serious rule, disciplined us to be the best we can be. They denied themselves food at times, so we could eat, even if we never noticed. They worked hard to bring us up on the right path. No parent would deliberately want their children to be “no-good”. If you remember, your parents whacked you to go read your books, to switch off the T.V. and go sleep. They were always on your neck, so you could grow up to be a better person. At the time, of course, you were too young to understand and sometimes you refute their discipline but now you understand better. It is now up to you to get the best out of life. No-one except you, would ever be responsible for how you have turned out. Your life now, is the sum of all good and bad choices you have made. There is always time for a change. There is no age limit as to reviewing your steps. Take the right route to your destination or you could wallow in pain of the past forever. It’s up to you to make deliberate right choices in every little detail of your life now. The person you marry, the food you eat, your educational goals, the circles of friends you keep and so on and forth. Stop sleeping all day. Stop the blame, do something! It’s up to you now to change whatever is changeable and deliberately live to enjoy that you can’t change.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Be disciplined!

Family is the base or foundation on which a society stands. A weak foundation indicates a society in the verge of collapse. Discipline in the home is paramount if we are looking to have a society free of social concerns and disorganization. If the family fails to instill discipline in the home, then, individuals would be saddled with the weight of having to discipline themselves to be better citizens of the society. Personal discipline is paramount if you as an individual are looking to get ahead in life. Discipline yourself to be quiet, sit down and talk when you are required to. To stay fit, eat the right meal, right portion of meal, and at the right time. To be in tune with society, you have to discipline yourself to watch the news and read books. Discipline yourself to respect authority. To pass your exam you have to discipline yourself to follow your schedule for studies. To sleep fine, you have to discipline yourself to forget wrong done you and eat dinner before 7pm. To be alive, you have to discipline yourself not to drink and drive. To avoid getting STD’s, you have to discipline yourself to abstain from sex. Discipline yourself to be content and not prostitute to get money to meet your needs. Discipline yourself to respect your parents even if you think they are the dumbest of humans in the face of the earth-thinking of them this way is bad enough. Discipline yourself to not throw dirt anywhere you find yourself, dirt are meant to be thrown in trash bins. Discipline yourself to do the dishes in the home if no-one would. Discipline yourself to stay on a queue. Discipline yourself not to throw dirt out the window of a car in motion, the list goes on. These issues, if not checked, makes society chaotic, otherwise we have a disciplined and organized society. Be disciplined!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Avoid chain reactions!

Some actions are not to be considered at all. Actions like the wrong choices pointed out in yesterday’s blog. Sometimes a deliberate shift from wrong is necessary. The right decisions are to be made constantly and swiftly too. There are some actions that can cause a chain reaction, hurting not only you but your loved ones. Example: You work outside of town, which requires you to be on the highway day after day. You hug your wife and kids and told them you will see them later in the day. Now, they have expectation as to seeing you at the end of the day but you did not show up because you had an accident which caused you to be bedridden. You actually made the wrong decision by driving opposite traffic and now your family is in the hospital to see you. They are not happy, and they cry every day for your quick recovery. Your wife has to pay the hospital bills because you no longer work. She cannot meet up with payment of the hospital bills, she goes asking family members, unfortunately non could assist. Now, everyone is miserable because of one bad decision. There would always be a chain reaction to every bad decision made either directly or indirectly. Think twice before you take that next step. Cross examine the odds of the good and bad in every situation posed at you and make the right choices, to avoid chain reactions. Nobody wants a bad outcome and so a thorough check and balance is required. Avoid chain reactions!
Don't make loved ones miserable!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Common sense is doing the obvious right!

Life is beautiful and not hard. There are little things you do that would make life ugly and hard for you. You would agree to the fact that being; halfhearted causes pain, and make life hard on us but being well-trained makes life simple and beautiful. If there were no laws on the face of the earth, there would be chaos but laws exist in life to put everything in check and in its place. The law of the soil makes the plant grow brilliantly. The law of the sea keeps its creatures alive and well. The law of the air keeps everything in its place and in order, otherwise confusion would ensue. There are also laws in the Country and States in which we reside and it helps organize us as humans. These are all laws that deliberately keep everything sane. Running the traffic light, driving beyond the stipulated speed limit, drinking while driving, texting while driving, making calls while driving, overtaking at a bend, driving oppose traffic, driving a car without side mirror or tail light, stabbing or killing a fellow human, impersonation, bribery, forgery, stealing and so on and forth are all obvious wrong actions. These are very obvious wrong. Life would only be beautiful and peaceful for those who steer clear of these common wrong. Common sense is doing the obvious right, which is the direct opposite of the list!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Mediocre characteristics don't help, run from them!

There are acts put up by some individuals, which can be labeled as highway to nowhere. And there are some friends who deliberately will not tell you when you are on that highway. The high way to nowhere is easy to recognize. Example: A group of peer smoke crack and have invited you to join in. A friend who happened in the midst of a group of robbers has planned to break the bank and have invited you to join in because you have been broke and needs to “help” you. Your mother in-law, who has been living with you, has been too controlling of her son and you confided in a friend and she told you to deal with her by locking the food compartment. Your boss has been hard on you to meet up with assignment deadline and you see it as wickedness. You know your significant order needs to be with you every evening after work but you choose to be with the guys. A friend tells you, you cannot make it to College/University because you have no money. You significant order is out of job and you are finding it hard to go by each day, a friend advised you to pack it up. Your significant order has been concerned with you not being affectionate to the kids and you are giving them the silent. treatment. These are all road to greater chaos and pain. Mediocre characteristics exist in some persons, and are everywhere, and are not going to be out of the scene anytime soon. The handwriting is on the wall, can’t you see its time to take your boat and sail away from these kinds of persons who are ordinary and dry in their thinking, and way of life? Mediocre characteristics don’t help, run from them!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Help yourself succeed!

You have a dream, drive and a goal? Don't just sit there and do nothing. Do whatever it takes to making it happen but do not rob, cheat, steal, kill or take advantage of anyone to make your dream happen. Make deliberate right choices. Make a list of what you would do each day and help yourself realize it. Instead of going to that party, why not read a book? Instead of gossiping about Jones escapades with that “friend” of yours, why not let it go down the drain. Instead of watching movies all day, read a book or take a break and think good thoughts on how you would make your life better, without breaking the bank. Instead of sitting on the bathroom sit stirring into space, why not read a magazine. Instead of being on facebook 24/7 why not do it for 15-20mins daily. Seek knowledge continuously regarding your purpose for being. YouTube is a free tool that you can learn just about anything. You can make your dream come true by the books you read, the people you listen to and the environment you find yourself. Do not be in the company of friends who are mediocre. Life is too beautiful to waste it and a lot of people are waiting to be blessed by you. There would be time for pleasure and it is after success. Add positive traits to your character and personality daily, no matter how small. Reach out to mentors and get all you can to succeed. Help yourself succeed!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Get a mentor to guide you to your destination!

Have you ever wished you could be like someone, dress like someone, smile like someone, walk like someone, born in a particular family, be in a particular country and so on and forth. To think like this is not bad but when you fantasize about it day after day, that now becomes a problem, as it could spiral into jealousy and envy. Do you realize you can accomplish anything you set your heart at? If you think you could be a President someday make friends with people who have a drive to succeed politically and try to work your way from being the President in the classroom, to being the President of the school club, next work your way to the position of the president in your local community. That’s the way to go. You can be anything you want to be. You need a guide, a mentor who would help you start the journey from where you are now, to the place you love to be. Anyone, regardless of their age,  needs a mentor. Who do you admire that have successfully gone through the ropes in life and is doing well? Contact this person, and ask him/her to be your mentor. A mentor gives you a push to the right direction. They show you the way in the darkest path. Get one today!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reach-out and be reached!

Most people select their friends based on what they can get. You cannot select your friends based on what you can get. You get your friends based on your personality, where you are going and how you both can influence your lives for the better. If you have an unapproachable personality you would not get a friend. Be friendly and have a friend. Quit looking for wealthy friends. Quit complaining about how that the people in your life, right now, are no good. Whatever you see manifesting in lives of the people around you, is a true reflection of who you really are. Look in the mirror and tell me what you see. If you want to see what you really look like, take a look at the persons you are surrounded with. If you want a friend, you start by being one. If you want a friend who answers to your every beck and call, you reflect that in all you do. If you want a friend who would assist you financially, you assist your friends when they need you financially. Be the giver, reach out and you would be reached!
Reach out; be a friend!

Monday, January 16, 2012

You are the driver of your life!

Your life is like a car. You are the driver. Be sure where you are headed and begin the journey. No one is responsible for the car’s failure to move. No one is responsible, if the car veer off the road and runs into the river. You are responsible. Take care of you. Drive your future well and do not cause an accident while you drive. An accident stops you from getting to your desired destination. On your way, there are lots of distractions. Do not be distracted. If you do not have a destination or do not know where to go, do not drive. Your life is precious and it is of outmost importance you know exactly what to do with your life. Dream a good dream and make it happen by making the right choices. You are the driver of your life, drive safely.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Keep the dream alive!

Every success starts with imagination - what you call dream - it can be imagination of anything you wish you could get. Start imagining and work your way from imagining, to ways to making this imagination come true and just do it. Be careful not to harbor evil, only good and positive imaginations; let’s say you desire a degree. Start by writing a plan, like - i will save some dollars from every pay check and get a second job and saving much more and then talk to an uncle/sister or friend who is trustworthy who would assist you and then go to the school and pay to start the first session and arrange a payment plan with the school to pay for other sessions in bits. I have tried it and it  worked. Deny yourself of immediate pleasure and see your dream coming true. Keep your dream alive!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Words boomerang!

Every thought and action becomes a castle that can't be recalled and someday it comes back to you - be careful what you say and do to people who are “no-good”, you never know what tomorrow holds; as you may be the one eating your own words. Be careful what you say and do to little children, someday they would grow up and may remember you for your unkind words. Be careful what you say and do to seniors/elderly, someday you would grow old; the very same thing you gave out to others, you get back. It’s only a matter of time. Most importantly be careful how you throw stones you never know the house it would be landing. Words boomerang!

Friday, January 13, 2012

The past hunts, fight back and triumph!

You cannot run away from the past but you sure can defeat it. Be ready to compete with your past. Be ready to fight the past because it would show up in your daily affairs and in turn disrupt your decision to go forward. The past is like the wind; it deliberately brushes past you uninvited, shows up at the scene without permission, sneak peeks at every activity you are involved with and finally whispers to you why you are no good at anything. Fight back by forgetting the past hurt or pain. The past is not ready to back down for you to triumph. You have to step up the game; you would not relent in your pursuit for success and happiness. You would not give up at every challenge that is on your path. Do not cower. Be strong and courageous and be ready at all times to defeat your past triumphantly, by making the right choices without considering the whispers of the past- that you are no good- take a step forward without considering those ugly thoughts and see yourself moving to the right direction with ease.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Create your own environment and take it with you!

The voices of skeptics could drown your optimism. Moving with the wrong persons could put you in a mediocre and negative atmosphere. Constantly hearing derogatory statements from peers could mar your future. Constantly listening to people’s opinion about whom you are and what you can and cannot do, is a huge way to put you on the road to nowhere. I made up my mind a long time ago to drown the voice of skeptics by creating the words I want to hear from the words someone said to me. If someone said, I cannot be successful in what I purpose to do; I carry with me the opposite of that statement. Sometimes people can say, you are too slim, too dark, too white, you cannot be happy, too fat, too quiet, too bold, too confident, you cannot make it, you are sick, you are down, you cannot be happy on the job, you cannot get a degree, you cannot get married, you cannot have children, do not forgive your dad and so on and forth. These are voices that should be drowned from the word go. You should persistently tell yourself you can do all of the things people say you cannot do. Create your own atmosphere of happiness and positivity. Tell yourself over and over, you can be successful at anything you set your heart at accomplishing. Create your own atmosphere and take it with you wherever you step foot.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Good relationship with people would take you places!

A good attitude is key to taking you places you have never been. Better than that, is a good relationship with people that come through your path. Day after day, people meet with you in the office, by the bus-stop, in the train, by the park, in a mall, in schools, in a plane and in your house. Do not take for granted the people you meet. They will either make you or break you. They will make you if your relationship with them is one that is graced with honor and respect. The case is the reverse if you think you are better than everyone that come across your path. You should be kind to everyone you meet, strike a relationship and do not take them for granted. In the event you come across them again, be kind as well. Do not despise people or be unkind, you never know who would assist you get that job you have been clamoring to have. We do not arrive on earth and things just start working. The people we find ourselves with in one way or another would help us move up the ladder. Good relationships with people will take you places you never thought possible.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Never nose-dive in your quest for success, you can make!

There are people who see failure before they venture into anything. They perceive danger before they move an inch. This is not the position to assume for one who is looking to get ahead in life. Living a life like this would only result to plummeting deeper further into the so-called failure they perceive. Positive perception is crucial to getting ahead. A high percentage of people are from broken homes. A high percentage of persons are single moms. There are high percentages of orphans and persons from poverty stricken homes. There is no such thing as, ‘substantive reason why i cannot make it’. There is no such thing as I am getting old, I cannot make it now. There is no excuse for living a low life. First, you must deliberately forget the past. Take your pen and write down the things you would love to achieve today and start working towards it. Example: You admire persons with a degree and you do not have the funds to go through school. First, talk with good friends and relatives and see if they would not support your quest for success. Next, get necessary information about the school you would love to attend. Most importantly, apply for a job at the level you are-waitress, waiter, cleaner-start saving in bits for the first session fees and strike a deal with your employer to take care of your next session fee, tell him you would work the hrs. and make up for it over time. I bet your employer will support you and then you grow from there. There are other examples for any age group. Just do something positive and move on from there. Never nose-dive in your quest for success, you can make it.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Set your priorities right!

Each day comes with a price and the price is the result of our action. Inaction produces no result and it’s equal to nothing achieved.  A priority set right backed up with action is good success. Today is just one day; tomorrow will make it two days, next three days, and next four days…until its 4years. You did nothing but complained a lot how your parents did not lay the bed of life well, for you to lay on. If you just stop for a moment and set your priorities right by thinking of the first possible step to achieving your dream, that is a major step to the right direction; meaning day one was utilized. Day two, you may want to write down your approach to achieving the first possible step. You have to take deliberate actions to get to your desired end, if not, four years will roll by and you are still complaining. Set your priorities right and decisively move on it swiftly.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Do not hold a grudge against anyone, let go!

You do yourself a great deal of favor by overlooking wrong done you but in the event you are unable to overlook, vent your anger but remember to release forgiveness on whomever the anger was vented upon. It is so funny when someone hurt you and has moved on with life, not even remembering the act but you are the one resenting the one who hurt you, by carrying bitterness against them for months, running into years. Be informed, they are free as the dove and may never even remember they hurt you. It is high time you throw the hurt in the garbage and move on as fast as you can, away from that garbage.  Set yourself free. Be quick to forgive after the rage. Be gracious and kind. Owe no-one forgiveness. If a person hurt you, knowingly or unknowingly, forgive them already. Create room for forgiveness at all times, hold nothing against anyone, by so doing you are helping yourself enjoy life, free of hatred and evil deeds. Do not hold a grudge against anyone, let go!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Yes, you can do it!

You can make it, if you try to physically move an inch closer to your positive thoughts. Thoughts not backed by action, equals, zero achievement. Whatever your dreams are, no matter how big, deep or wide, you can make it. Yes you can get a degree in Law, Engineering, Hotel Management, Retail and Wholesale management. You can buy that car, house, land, dress, but remember to set your priorities right. Who says you can’t. Step out of your comfort zone, step out of that dream state and do something. Be optimistic, strategize and move to accomplishing it. Yes you can do it.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Congest your fears!

Life is, the way we plan for it. Life does not make us, we make things happen in life. We either do something positive with what we have now and move from point A to B or we remain the same person we were 5 years ago. So long, we have allowed fear of the unknown choke even our innermost convictions. Fear would not make you go forward. Fear would not make you get married. Fear would not make you have an education. Fear is an enemy. Don’t give a thought about going forward and achieving your dreams. Prepare yourself, one step at a time and surely you will achieve whatever you purpose to achieve. The only thing that can stop you is your fears and fear was allowed in by you. Invariably you are the one stopping your progress. Come out alive and congest your fears, paving way for a greater you!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


In all you find yourself doing daily, please, do it with excellence and clarity of purpose. Ask yourself some questions intermittently like; if I do this right where would it take me? If I get involved in the bad deals what are the consequences? If I join the rebellious at work, what will it cost me? If I do my job right, what would I gain? If I treat customers’ right, what is my reward? If you set out to do right by deliberately gearing your conscious self towards right, you would reap the fruit. Standout from the crowd. Be associated with excellence. Let your parents, bosses, supervisors, teachers, siblings, friends, coworkers and classmates vouch for you at any point in time, that you are credible and worthy in all dealings with people. Be counted amongst the people who make the right things happen. Be accountable and focused at the same time. Keep your head up and count the steps left to your success it is closer than you envisaged, I bet. Standout!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Givers always find a way in distress!

Generosity is the most attractive thing that a person can have function in their lives. Hardness of heart downs the sun. Give away smiles easily. Give away kind acts, food, shelter and money as easy as the wind blows. In the process you make yourselves happy. Hold tight to nothing. True story: Daniel was driving with his wife along the high way and found a car parked by the road side with its owner helpless. As he continued driving he suddenly made a stop and asked the helpless man how he could assist. Daniel reach out for his jack, helped the man replace his flat tire and drove off afterwards. The helpless man could not thank him enough, so he entered his vehicle and started his journey, ahead of him was a woman screaming beside a car with a man who laid stone cold on the floor by the high way. He decided to pull over because he was earlier rescued by a kind man and performed CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) on the lifeless man and in the process restored the man’s life. He looked with intent and noticed this was the same man who helped him with his flat tire. He was dumbfounded and in shock for a moment with the thought of how Daniel's kindness paved way for his survival. Be generous, you may be helping yourself in the process.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Leave judgement to life!

Life is beautiful, no doubt but life can be cruel too. Everyday people go about their normal businesses to make a living without exploiting others but some deliberately set out to do harm. Example: You loan funds to some persons as a result of compassion. That person promised to pay back in 6months but could not. You approached him/her and he/she becomes aggressive and rude in their approach to you. Please do not bother asking a second time. Life is a very good judge; it has a way of paying back evil for evil and good for good. Do not bother to fight back. Do not bother to leash abusive words, when you do so, you have taken the judgment sit upon yourself from which life operates. Leave judgment to life, it will do justice. Trust me.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Dove's Real Aid: Do not act like you are better than anybody else!

Dove's Real Aid: Do not act like you are better than anybody else!: Be excellent in all you do. Be wise as well. There are lots of individuals who may be struggling now to come to terms with themselves and ...

Do not act like you are better than anybody else!

Be excellent in all you do. Be wise as well. There are lots of individuals who may be struggling now to come to terms with themselves and life but that does not mean they are no good at what they do. People sometimes get hard hit by circumstance and they thrive to get out of same and push still to the place of success they so desire. Be patient with these ones. Do not show to them you won the contest. You are not in any contest. Never find yourself acting like you are better than somebody else. Prove yourself in situations and be proud of yourself. Do not be critical of other people and how they are catching up with success at a slow pace. You and your situation are unique from some else’s. Do not act like you are better than anybody else. Acting this way is a smooth ride to failure.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

There is gold in everyone, dig for it!

People differ in diverse ways. Every individual inhibits a bad and good side to their personality. We should thrive to listen to people more and see for ourselves the good side. We must not judge an individual based on information from another individual. Everyone has the potential to succeed and fail. Watch closely and see that the person you so dislike is not what he or she really is. Be friends with them and see another side of them. There is gold in everyone dig for it!