Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Be mindful of the bits of life that makes you, YOU!

Drops of water from the tap fill the bowl. Yes? No? Whatever you indulge in every tick-tock of the clock, count towards the big picture of your life. What is running from the tap? What is filling the bowl? You would probably say, water, gas/fuel runs from the tap, and whatever runs from it, fills the bowl. Really? You may not be able to control what runs from the tap but you sure can control what fills the bowl. Today is a day. Tomorrow, it will be two days, the day after, it will be three days…tick tock, tick tock, and time is running. What is your plan for your life? In the near future, what do see you becoming and fulfilling as a grown adult? You should know that, whatever you do today affects what you would finally become. The drops of water from the tap is what happens in life around you and the water that flows to the bowl, is what you indulge in daily that makes you, YOU. Guide your heart, mind and ways so jealously, so every dick and harry will not drop just about anything in you.  You can sure control what you indulge in and what you should not. You want to party day after day? You should indulge in things that will contribute finally to who you want to become in life. Do not say to yourself, I will indulge myself once a week and that’s it. This may become the building block of who you might become overtime. Be mindful of the bits of life that makes you, YOU!
Everything you do each day, count towards who you become!

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