Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Will you shine through?

I will not give up in the face of adversity! I will shine through in every lesson; in whatever area i have chosen to succeed on my quest for success, i will shine through.
Will you shine through?
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Do you ask yourself questions?

On my quest for success, I should have answered these questions a long time before the journey began; who am I? Why am I here? Where am I headed? What is my vision for my life? Am I on the right path? What are my strengths and weaknesses? How do I start? Are there obstacles? How do I surmount these obstacles? Can i make it? These are questions I dine with daily when i want to embark on a journey and find ways to straighten things out  before i begin the journey at all.

Do you ask yourself questions?
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Monday, February 27, 2012

Would you guard your desire and drive...?

On my path to succeess, obstacles will definitely arise but i will not allow it get the best of me. I will guard my desire jealously and increase my drive, and continue to surmount all obstacles till i get to that place i have chosen to reach. 
Would you guard your desire and drive in your quest for success?
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Would you be intentional and deliberate...?

In my quest for success, i will be intentional and delibrate in every decision to be made and every step to be taken.  I would owe no-one an apology to succeed. I will keep going for a win and when i win, i will go again and again, non-stop.
Would you go be intentional and deliberate in your quest for success?
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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Would you go all out to be the best of you?

What is your success quest? Is it to succeed educationally or to be successful in your business as an entrepreneur or to have success in your job at that office? Do not fear your quest for it. Go all out and be the best of you.

Would you go all out to be the best of you?
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Friday, February 24, 2012

Would you attend to mundane issues on your quest for success?

On that path to my quest for success, i will not bother myself with what people said or what they didn't say. I will just listen to my inner conviction and will-power to propel me to the right direction. I am a mediocre already on the brink of failure if i put myself in a position wehre i slice and mutilate people with words from my mouth. I will deliberately draw myself out of mundane issues knowing there is a greater issue to attend to - success quest.


Would  you attend to mundane issues on your quest for success?
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Would you press on when friends are gone?

When i am on the quest for success and the chips are down, there may be no friends waiting to rescue me except me. Therefore, i will not throw in the towel because there are better days ahead. I can only move and act based on what i believe i can achieve and so, i press on.

Would you press on when friends are gone?
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Would you mind losing some friends?

My quest for success could cost me some friends who are not ready to go on a ride with me on this journey. I do not mind because I have a dream and a plan which must be accomplished; therefore, I do not mind riding alone to accomplishing my set goal. No distraction, no mediocre life style would be allowed in my quest for success.

Would you mind losing some friends?
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Is it okay to fail and still continue on your quest for success?

When I am on a path to my set goal, I am mindful of making the right choices. If I make a wrong choice on that path while trying to achieve a set goal and it causes me to fail; I will persist and not stumble. It is okay to fail but I will rise and continue on the quest for success.

Is it okay to fail and still continue on your quest for success?
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Monday, February 20, 2012

Is counting the cost for a path to tread a good decision?

The first person to blame for failure is me, therefore, i take responsibility for every decision to get to my goal. Everyday is meant to be enjoyed; but enjoyment at the expense of my tomorrow is unwise. I will take responsibility for my life and count the cost before i thread on any road.

Is counting the cost for a path to tread a good decision?
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Is staying positive easy or hard?

The road to success is very easy and at the same time very hard. Success always comes with a price; you will need to sacrifice A to get B and staying positive that you can get B. You want a car paid for in cash? Stop spending randomly and tell yourself, "i can do it" and then, do it.

Is staying positive easy or hard?
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Saturday, February 18, 2012

What is success?

Success is being able to write a goal you want accomplished, write down steps to accomplish them, follow through one step at a time and achieving the set goal in the end and repeating the cycle.

What is success to you?
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Friday, February 17, 2012

Nothing is worth hoarding!

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We all know some folks are not truthful when it comes to declaring before friends what they have and don’t have. Neighbor A might ask neighbor B if they have a mowing machine or a flower trimmer, neighbor B has, but he will simple say, “no I don’t have”. Next time, neighbor A will see neighbor B mowing his yard and he will re-strategize and ask again but neighbor be will say, “I borrowed it and I have returned it”. What does it take to loan a mowing machine out for use? Why do people hoard stuff? There is nothing in this life that is worth hoarding. Same goes for friends, they do not want to release their books for whatever reason. Also, money is one material that lots of folks hoard and will not want to assist someone with.  It is not a good practice. If someone is asking for an amount that is not feasible to you, you give them what is feasible. No one says you should give away all your savings but don’t tell someone to come tomorrow when you have something to help with, today. This life is not ours, it was borrowed.  Why have a life that is not yours and still hoard things. Whatever you have today is not yours, even if you bought it. It is a privilege we have what we have and we should learn to loan it out or give it away at some point. Let nothing be too big for you to help someone with. You are happier when you loan it anyways, why not loan it. Nothing is worth hoarding as life itself does not hoard daylight or night but these shows up at the times appointed and blesses all under it.

Nothing is worth hoarding!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

You are a river!

A river is a brook which constantly flows refreshing itself over and over. A river does not smell neither does it remain stagnant. A river allows inflow of water to it and outflow of water from it, that’s why, it remains ever fresh. You are a river; full of life, beauty and goodness. When you open your mouth people get comfort and healing instead of pain and grief. What you see, hear and who you hang out with constitute the river in you. You should not be like a mud. A mud is a sludge that abides; it stays stuck on one spot and stinks too. A mud does not have an inflow or outflow. It just gets filled once and remains so for forever, until it is packed and thrown away. Whatever you receive learn to give a fraction of same so more of the same and more can come to you. If you have a closet full of cloths or shoes, give some fraction away to those who need them, so you can create room for better things. There is a satisfaction, freshness and happiness that comes with this action. Whatever you indulge in should give life. Do not keep stuff year after year and hoping you give them to your grandchildren. Prepare for today because there is provision for tomorrow if you let out today. Keep this at the corner of your mind; you are a river that constantly flows to others, so create allowance for fresh ideas and fresh stuff to come in. Live to your full potential by living as you are made to be – a river!

You are a river!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The power of YES/NO!

YES or NO is the key to any door placed before us in life. As we hunt for wealth and the lease of life, doors are opened or shut every now and again at every dawn. We are caught in a trap that only a yes or a no can help us get through.  There are several doors we have walked through in life that we were in doubt about but we walked through anyways. There are also doors that we have deliberated shut and wished we walked through. There is only one door to every opportunity put before you. The opportunity might not be a juicy one, it might be one filled with thick smoke and darkness that you cannot see your way through. And for every opportunity there is a key through the door. The key to any door of opportunity is either a YES or a NO answer. A YES means you are going through that door of opportunity with your eyes wide open. Also, a NO means I am not sure this is the right path to my goal. Whatever you want to indulge in requires you to say only a YES or a NO. Carefully think through any opportunity placed before you and make a judgment for yourself whether it is a trap or a gold mine because a YES is as powerful as a NO and any opportunity might be either good or bad. Take your time to evaluate opportunities set before you before you say YES or NO because it is the power you have, and it can liberate you or put you in eternal pain.
Power of YES or NO!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love will find you!

Stop searching for love because you cannot find love. Love finds you in the place of giving. It is an act. An act is not sleeping with a man or a woman. An act is a show of love to anybody inclusive of those we care about. Love is a blessed thing because it does not think it through before it acts. Love is always freshly scented. It does not ask why someone is not like this or that way. It takes a new form every time. It is not rehearsed; it flows freely from the heart. Love is constantly seeking whom to assist. Love is not a feeling but a genuine move to assist another. Love is all around us; children playing, people dancing, someone caring for the elderly/seniors, doctors attending to patients and so on and forth. Love is not to be sort after. Love is to be given. You give love to receive love. If you care for the sick, depressed, wounded or one whose heart is chattered, or give shelter to the homeless, you do it for yourself. You give yourself love if you truly care for another. Love is telling someone how beautiful they are. Love is appreciating life. Love is being content and not jealous of another. Do not search for love. Do not crave for love. Just be yourself in assisting people and love will find you. Love is being selfless in service to another. Love was, is and will forever be a giving phenomenon.

You cannot find love, it finds you in the place of giving!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Take a break!

The human body can be likened to a car. A car has every behavior and function as the body. A car can be put to rest. A car can be controlled. That’s why it can be switched on or off and can go anywhere and with several miles covered so long the engine keeps running. But, there comes a time when the car battery would shut-down if it is working when the car is switched off or the engine could shut-down as a result of constant usage without considering servicing it.  Sometimes we work so hard without rest and this may constitute body system failure. There are lots of TO DO’s in our schedule but in the midst of these find time for rest every interval. Nobody envisages body system failure but it occurs and when it occurs it could be devastating for some folks because they could get stroke as a result of that. Some may become blind as a result of stress the body has accumulated over time. Imagine someone blind or affected with stroke as a result of stress, what do you think is the essence of living for them? A good life requires that you be in health and be successful but if rest is not put in perspective, health and success may evade you. Take a break from anything you are doing that gets your body to a point of no return. You cannot force the body to go an extra mile when it shuts down, so take a break, and get rest!
Get rest!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Empty the closet!

There are lots of things humans go through which make them or break them. We carry tons of tales of successes and tons of tales of woes. There are some we share and there are some we keep. We share the happy tales most of the time and that creates a fa├žade that hides what is really going on inside despite the success tale. We share the sad tale sometimes but only on the surface. For those who have shared the deepest sad tales of our lives, we have been betrayed one way or another as our hearts gets seared with a hot iron over and over by some folks who betrayed our trust and we do not want to share anymore. Friends’ sharing helps you in a lot of ways, but mind who you share your good or bad tale with. Sharing your tale either good or bad helps you. If your tale is a success tale it boost your morale and you are brighter in your physical outlook and you glide as you walk. If your tale is a sad tale, either exposing it surface wise or deeply, it makes you lighter and it helps you empty the closet of your heart so you can have a fresh start. Sharing with good friends or mentors helps you empty the burden in the closet of your heart. Do not keep stuffs locked in or bottled in day after day creeping into years. If you do that, you set yourself up for sickness, depression and you be worn-out and this is a sure way to destruction. Emptying the close of your heart gives you a fresh inside and helps you think straight so you can start over with life. As one success births another and one failure is not the end of life. Empty the closet of your heart every now and again so fresh ideas would rush in and help you keep moving in life.
Empty the closet every now and again!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Your words is enough to locate you!

Everyone needs to cultivate a life style that brings the best out of them You become that very thing you indulge in overtime. You don’t want someone to tag you a mediocre and so you do not get involved in things that will finally mold you to something you never deliberately wanted to become. Someone does not need to know you personally to know what you are made off. Someone does not need to live with you to know your values or principles that guide your life. The moment you open your mouth to converse with someone who is looking to know you, 30minutes is more than enough for them to place you where you belong.  In the blog of 31st January 2012—you can go back and it-- it was pointed out that it matters the bits of life that finally accumulates to make you who you are today. You should develop a self-culture where you are responsible for directing good habits to you and diverting bad habits away from you. Trust, as pointed out in February 10th blog, is crucial to your progress in life. You cannot fake who you are. If you fake you, it’s only a matter of time and you will be discovered and rejected. You are going to be you always, so, again develop a self-culture to help you become that person you desire because your words in 30minutes  is more than enough to tell anyone on this planet the stuff you are made off.  Look in the mirror of you life by taking stock of all that have transpired in your past and if you do not like it, change it. You can become anything, it depends on the culture you have built over time. It is only a matter of minutes your words will locate you, and so thrive to cultivate a self-culture that will build the best of you.
You can change what you see!

Friday, February 10, 2012

TRUST - Crucial to progress!

A word is a tool. It can either be a friend if you fulfill it or it becomes your foe and harm you through your action. It can go on an errand for you at any point in time. What do you want to do with this tool? Words on its own cannot make you fulfill your promise; it can only go on an errand when you speak, action seals the job. When you tell someone, “I be back half hour” that is a word on an errand but the fulfillment of the meaning is up to you. You cannot say that, and then fulfill your word in 1hr. You cannot tell someone “just trust me”. How and why should they trust you? You always fail to do what you say you would do. You do not keep promises; you dilly-dally on action and procrastinate. Trust cannot be built from nothing. Before someone will entrust something to you, he must first have seen your words and action fulfilled. Do what you say you will do. Go where you say you will go. Do the work assigned to you and on time. Do not touch funds given to you by someone for safe keeping; it could be a test. Be always ready and willing to help. This is how trust is built. You get connection that will propel you to your next level by trust. If someone trusts you, he can recommend you to another for a business contract or a job, otherwise no recommendation. Trust is a very vital tool for anyone to get ahead in life. As credit is built, so also, trust is built. Work on being trusted and see you getting ahead in life.
TRUST - Crucial to progress!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

What goes around comes around!

This popular legend holds true. There are things we get involved in, in life, which backfires one way or another. You might be working for an employee and hoping to have your own business in a few years but you keep doing things that makes management upset. You print large volumes of personal work at the office, go to work late every day, most times you are unproductive but you are looking to thrive well as an entrepreneur in the future. If you do not take your job seriously now that you are working for someone, there is the tendency that someone who would work for you will do same. This kind of action is what is termed “boomerang”. As an employee do not take delight in taking things from the office home for personal use or if you go visiting your neighbors do not take things from their homes without their permission. It is stealing. Whatever you do not want replicated in your life or business in the future, do not get involved in it. When you serve at your office or whatever place you serve, do what you are paid to do and go home. Do not join the bandwagon of looters who call stealing “taking”, because whatever goes around comes around.
Whatever goes around comes around!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It is not HOW FAR; it is HOW WELL!

There are times you feel things are moving the way they should. There are times you also feel you are backward in the scheme of things. How do you define these? What is the yardstick for measurement? Yes, you may feel down not because you are backward but because you need rest. You need not feel down because you think you are not doing enough to go forward. Getting ahead in your career or life is not measured by how far you have gone; it is how well you have come. What have you achieved so far? Where are you in list of goal you set for yourself? Every time you write a list of long term or short term goals, do you follow through? If you follow through, you are doing just fine. Be happy where you are and not beat yourself too hard every time you sit down to count your achievements. Be grateful and content with your achievement so far and have faith in yourself that you can make it. It is not how far you have gone on the scheme of things in life, it is how well you have done all you think you have achieve. Example; One individual may have a degree in Agriculture and another may not have a degree but the individual who has a degree wished he had a degree in Information Technology because there are “hot” jobs in this field and he does not know what to do with this degree in Agriculture. Now, the one without a degree finally got a degree in I.T. five years down the line and got a high paying job and moved quickly, bought a house, got married and climbing and doing it well. When you see all around you getting ahead in life, do not think you are not. You cannot move at the same pace with everyone, remember, it is not how far you have come but how well.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Negative words can be deflated!

Words are powerful and can go as far as a knife can in a human body. But it can only go as far as you allow it. Words are also instruments and they can be used positively and negatively too. Words have tremendous effect and extreme care should be taken as to the words that are allowed in our minds. Words can become pictures if taken seriously and pondered upon. They can come from a song, a book, a speech and so on and forth. These words can become reality if you work on becoming what you see through those words. It matters who you listen to, imitate, songs you listen to and the books you read. Read books that would impact you positively. There are ways you can deflate negative words; if a boss tells you, “you are unreliable” look at yourself and work on being reliable. It maybe you are always late for meetings and you do not finish an assignment given you before you leave for home. Deflate those words by doing the opposite, before long he will reverse his words. Same thing goes for a teacher. A teacher can tell you, you are a “no-good”. Do not take it personally, just look at you and tell yourself, “I can be a great person, I would work on surprising my teacher so she will start saying this is my best student”. Words have effect only if we take it so seriously that it affects your growth and advancement in life. Do not fight back with words, fight back with action to be a better person. Start deflating negative words by acting the direct opposite of what you used to do that caused you those negative words!

Becoming a better YOU!

Monday, February 6, 2012

The best of you is ready to begin!

In today’s fast paced world, everything and everybody is on a constant motion. You see humans in a market/mall, on the streets, in campuses and offices always on the move. Of course, the intent of all those constant motion is to accomplish one task or plan at a point in time but it most times seems like we are never going to stop this constant movement. The more people crave for a better life the more they are in constant motion to accomplish that. It may get even worse. Have you ever sat at the top of a hill and watched how cars ran on the interstate/express and you wonder where all the cars were going? Is there ever going to be a time when the interstate/express would be free of cars in motion. That’s the way it is and will always be. This should be applied in our daily lives where we strive to constantly be the best of us by deliberate working to achieving the best in us daily. Dropping the old bad habits and picking up good habits that will propel you to that spotlight for success is paramount to getting ahead. You can never stop becoming a better you. There is a beautiful untapped you inside that needs to be brought out and there is still room for change at any point in time, regardless of your age. You cannot stop the motion to be a better person. You can still make things right, one step at a time. You can still become that person whom you seek. It’s easy, drop the old bad habits that deprived you from getting to your spot and pick up new ones that will propel you to that place you so desire. Keep moving don’t stop because the best of you is ready to begin.
Ready to begin!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Live and let live - 2!

Today is continuation of yesterday’s blog. It is beautiful to just watch people and bask in the beauty of diversity. So much fascinating to watch in the office or in a mall. As we have divers human skin color, so also their ways of doing things. Many individuals regardless of their age may not have grown up in some areas and so do not act right. Some act right, it’s just the way they perceive things that make them act the way they do. Notice the difference and you would be just fine. Example: Ask two persons about their opinion on a black cat; the one will tell you it’s ugly and the other will tell you it’s beautiful. They are both correct, in that, both perceive things differently. Respect their opinion and let the issue rest. Someone may like eating and talking at the same time and you are dinning with them, if you cannot stand it and you cannot respectful tell them to please finish chewing before they talk, then, please leave the table quietly without an attitude. If your friends like turning up the music volume while you go visiting, if you cannot respectfully tell them to turn down the music without screaming at them, give them a good reason to quietly leave. Respect people and give them the chance to grow up and be better persons. Do not find yourself hating and cursing just because someone does not listen to music solemnly like you do or someone do not chew quietly like you does not make them stupid. It’s just that they have not yet grown. You probably learnt fast in life, some persons learn at a slow pace; give them a chance. Are you ready to live and let others live being themselves? Sometimes, learn to laugh and look the other way. People will grow up some day. Live and let live!
Enjoy life!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Live and let live - 1!

Life is beautiful. Humans make life complicated and hard because we are hypercritical of people. Who made you a judge over people? Why sit there and gossip? Why sit there and raise your nose? Why sit there with a snooty look at someone who does not have a clue they are being judged. Why derive happiness at the smear of another. Every individual have a unique personality. There are lots of ways individuals express themselves. There are ways you express yourself too. Some persons maybe be always “over the top” with their outfit to any official or social gathering. That is their decision. Some persons might be always late for that executive meeting. That’s their choice. Some persons might even be too skinny. They may be on a diet. Some may be too big; that maybe a personal decision to be big or hereditary. Some may be gay, lesbian, celibate and straight, whatever. That’s their choice too. An individual may express himself/herself by the way they dress, by the hairstyle, make-up, the shoes or general outlook, that does not change who they are, it is only an expression of their inner self. Someone may decide to be gorgeously dressed to that occasion where you chose to dress casually; that you did not look gorgeously dressed does not make your outfit perfect for the occasion. Someone may also decide to dress a little laid back to that occasion where you chose to dress gorgeously; that you did not look casually dressed does not make your gorgeous outfit perfect for the occasion. Do not be critical about how people have decided to express themselves, whether in the office certain, at a party, in the church, at the school’s parent/teacher association meeting or in the mall. If you have the money so you can buy the world, please do and do not intimidate those who do not have by being critical of them. In the same vein, if you do not have the money to buy the world, do not be critical of those who can, you are both at different levels. Express yourself at your level and allow people to be themselves. Life is beautiful with the mixture of different personalities. Live and let live - 1!
No man is an animal; live and let live!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Do what you enjoy as opposed to enjoying what you do!

You might be on a paid employment and for some reasons you are not happy with the job you do and so, you do not put in your best because you feel the money does not match up with the position. Do not accept a job offer or business because of the money involved. Accept a job because you love to do it and in doing it you would help somebody. If you do not enjoy it, you may as well do it haphazardly. Doing it haphazardly does not help anyone and you would not be happy either. Money does not bring happiness. It is what you enjoy doing that brings happiness. Helping or assisting others is one way to happiness. What do you enjoy doing? Enjoying life is not playing musical tune and dancing to it or ordering your best meal for lunch. Dancing to a musical tune or eating your best meal for lunch is one way of having fun but it is for a moment. There are so many ways to have fun but one way to a life time of happiness. If you don’t enjoy what you do you will soon be frustrated with life. Even when you are spiritual about life, you may still be frustrated. You would be wondering in that spiritual state if God exist. Quit enjoying what you do, do what you enjoy doing because the things you enjoy doing have a place for serving people. Start to do what you enjoy today, as opposed to enjoying what you do!
Do what you enjoy!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

You only enjoy life when you find yourself!

Yesterday’s blog was about finding yourself. You start enjoying life when you find yourself. Keep asking yourself this question. Have I found myself? If you have not found yourself, you may want to have a quiet moment with yourself. Think through all that has transpired in your life, take a pen and make notes of what you did again and again, that gave you deep satisfaction. I bet you will find out one thing; helping/serving others. What areas are you gifted? Are you a judge? Are you an attorney?  Are you a carpenter? Are you a doctor? Are you a musician? Are you a nurse? Are you a police officer? Are you a cleaner? Are you a shoe cobbler? Are you a banker? Do you enjoy what you do? Are you helping humanity in that position you are? We are at whatever position we are to help others not to make money. The sooner you know this, the better life becomes for you. You find fulfillment when you reach out to serve humanity. The moment you think you are in a position so you can make enough money so you can enjoy, you have lost the reason for living. Don’t get me wrong. You should work and have fun but you do not work to live, you work to serve humanity. You are at the position you are, so someone can get assistance. It is quite a pain to hear someone killed a fellow human or poisoned a fellow human to get a contract, business or a job. No, you cannot do that. Imagine for a moment, if you get all the funds in the world, you would probably sleep in one bed, drive one car on the same road, and fly in the same air; in this same life; after these, what next? Reach inside you, find what you love to do, do it and assist humanity while doing it. By so doing, you enjoy life.
Find you and serve humanity!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Find yourself, enjoy life!

Yesterday’s blog was on you being mindful of the bits of life that finally form who you are. Today, we will delve into finding YOU. Who are you? What is the reason you exist? Some people say life is beautiful because they have found themselves but others say life is worthless because they have not yet discovered who they really are. Have you ever wondered why life seems like a merry-go-round? You wake up each morning, brush, eat, go out for your business, come back home, sleep, and wake up again the next day…the same ritual. Life actually works perfectly and brilliantly. It has been fashioned by God that way, so that in the seemingly merry-go-round trip, you will find who you are and why you exist. Simply put: an individual goes out every day and finds himself in a situation-either in a bus, or in a friend’s house or in a social gathering-defending someone who is ridiculed or treated unkind, especially when they are not in any way related. This speaks volumes because, if this person finds himself/herself doing this all the time, BOOM!...right there! That is the reason they exist. They may want to study law and refine that crave/passion, so they can delve fully into defending the defenseless. This applies to every other crave, it could be music, art, carpentry, engineering etc. You would not want to delve into this because of the money but because doing it helps someone and makes you happy. Have you found yourself or you are struggling to come to terms with life. Life should be enjoyable with you in line with your crave/drive/passion. If you are not aligned with your passion, you may be seriously disconnected with life and you may be among many who do not understand the reason for living. Find yourself and align with your crave and see you enjoying life.
Find yourself, enjoy life!