Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love will find you!

Stop searching for love because you cannot find love. Love finds you in the place of giving. It is an act. An act is not sleeping with a man or a woman. An act is a show of love to anybody inclusive of those we care about. Love is a blessed thing because it does not think it through before it acts. Love is always freshly scented. It does not ask why someone is not like this or that way. It takes a new form every time. It is not rehearsed; it flows freely from the heart. Love is constantly seeking whom to assist. Love is not a feeling but a genuine move to assist another. Love is all around us; children playing, people dancing, someone caring for the elderly/seniors, doctors attending to patients and so on and forth. Love is not to be sort after. Love is to be given. You give love to receive love. If you care for the sick, depressed, wounded or one whose heart is chattered, or give shelter to the homeless, you do it for yourself. You give yourself love if you truly care for another. Love is telling someone how beautiful they are. Love is appreciating life. Love is being content and not jealous of another. Do not search for love. Do not crave for love. Just be yourself in assisting people and love will find you. Love is being selfless in service to another. Love was, is and will forever be a giving phenomenon.

You cannot find love, it finds you in the place of giving!

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