Monday, February 13, 2012

Take a break!

The human body can be likened to a car. A car has every behavior and function as the body. A car can be put to rest. A car can be controlled. That’s why it can be switched on or off and can go anywhere and with several miles covered so long the engine keeps running. But, there comes a time when the car battery would shut-down if it is working when the car is switched off or the engine could shut-down as a result of constant usage without considering servicing it.  Sometimes we work so hard without rest and this may constitute body system failure. There are lots of TO DO’s in our schedule but in the midst of these find time for rest every interval. Nobody envisages body system failure but it occurs and when it occurs it could be devastating for some folks because they could get stroke as a result of that. Some may become blind as a result of stress the body has accumulated over time. Imagine someone blind or affected with stroke as a result of stress, what do you think is the essence of living for them? A good life requires that you be in health and be successful but if rest is not put in perspective, health and success may evade you. Take a break from anything you are doing that gets your body to a point of no return. You cannot force the body to go an extra mile when it shuts down, so take a break, and get rest!
Get rest!

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