Sunday, February 12, 2012

Empty the closet!

There are lots of things humans go through which make them or break them. We carry tons of tales of successes and tons of tales of woes. There are some we share and there are some we keep. We share the happy tales most of the time and that creates a fa├žade that hides what is really going on inside despite the success tale. We share the sad tale sometimes but only on the surface. For those who have shared the deepest sad tales of our lives, we have been betrayed one way or another as our hearts gets seared with a hot iron over and over by some folks who betrayed our trust and we do not want to share anymore. Friends’ sharing helps you in a lot of ways, but mind who you share your good or bad tale with. Sharing your tale either good or bad helps you. If your tale is a success tale it boost your morale and you are brighter in your physical outlook and you glide as you walk. If your tale is a sad tale, either exposing it surface wise or deeply, it makes you lighter and it helps you empty the closet of your heart so you can have a fresh start. Sharing with good friends or mentors helps you empty the burden in the closet of your heart. Do not keep stuffs locked in or bottled in day after day creeping into years. If you do that, you set yourself up for sickness, depression and you be worn-out and this is a sure way to destruction. Emptying the close of your heart gives you a fresh inside and helps you think straight so you can start over with life. As one success births another and one failure is not the end of life. Empty the closet of your heart every now and again so fresh ideas would rush in and help you keep moving in life.
Empty the closet every now and again!

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