Saturday, February 11, 2012

Your words is enough to locate you!

Everyone needs to cultivate a life style that brings the best out of them You become that very thing you indulge in overtime. You don’t want someone to tag you a mediocre and so you do not get involved in things that will finally mold you to something you never deliberately wanted to become. Someone does not need to know you personally to know what you are made off. Someone does not need to live with you to know your values or principles that guide your life. The moment you open your mouth to converse with someone who is looking to know you, 30minutes is more than enough for them to place you where you belong.  In the blog of 31st January 2012—you can go back and it-- it was pointed out that it matters the bits of life that finally accumulates to make you who you are today. You should develop a self-culture where you are responsible for directing good habits to you and diverting bad habits away from you. Trust, as pointed out in February 10th blog, is crucial to your progress in life. You cannot fake who you are. If you fake you, it’s only a matter of time and you will be discovered and rejected. You are going to be you always, so, again develop a self-culture to help you become that person you desire because your words in 30minutes  is more than enough to tell anyone on this planet the stuff you are made off.  Look in the mirror of you life by taking stock of all that have transpired in your past and if you do not like it, change it. You can become anything, it depends on the culture you have built over time. It is only a matter of minutes your words will locate you, and so thrive to cultivate a self-culture that will build the best of you.
You can change what you see!

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