Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The power of YES/NO!

YES or NO is the key to any door placed before us in life. As we hunt for wealth and the lease of life, doors are opened or shut every now and again at every dawn. We are caught in a trap that only a yes or a no can help us get through.  There are several doors we have walked through in life that we were in doubt about but we walked through anyways. There are also doors that we have deliberated shut and wished we walked through. There is only one door to every opportunity put before you. The opportunity might not be a juicy one, it might be one filled with thick smoke and darkness that you cannot see your way through. And for every opportunity there is a key through the door. The key to any door of opportunity is either a YES or a NO answer. A YES means you are going through that door of opportunity with your eyes wide open. Also, a NO means I am not sure this is the right path to my goal. Whatever you want to indulge in requires you to say only a YES or a NO. Carefully think through any opportunity placed before you and make a judgment for yourself whether it is a trap or a gold mine because a YES is as powerful as a NO and any opportunity might be either good or bad. Take your time to evaluate opportunities set before you before you say YES or NO because it is the power you have, and it can liberate you or put you in eternal pain.
Power of YES or NO!

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