Saturday, February 4, 2012

Live and let live - 1!

Life is beautiful. Humans make life complicated and hard because we are hypercritical of people. Who made you a judge over people? Why sit there and gossip? Why sit there and raise your nose? Why sit there with a snooty look at someone who does not have a clue they are being judged. Why derive happiness at the smear of another. Every individual have a unique personality. There are lots of ways individuals express themselves. There are ways you express yourself too. Some persons maybe be always “over the top” with their outfit to any official or social gathering. That is their decision. Some persons might be always late for that executive meeting. That’s their choice. Some persons might even be too skinny. They may be on a diet. Some may be too big; that maybe a personal decision to be big or hereditary. Some may be gay, lesbian, celibate and straight, whatever. That’s their choice too. An individual may express himself/herself by the way they dress, by the hairstyle, make-up, the shoes or general outlook, that does not change who they are, it is only an expression of their inner self. Someone may decide to be gorgeously dressed to that occasion where you chose to dress casually; that you did not look gorgeously dressed does not make your outfit perfect for the occasion. Someone may also decide to dress a little laid back to that occasion where you chose to dress gorgeously; that you did not look casually dressed does not make your gorgeous outfit perfect for the occasion. Do not be critical about how people have decided to express themselves, whether in the office certain, at a party, in the church, at the school’s parent/teacher association meeting or in the mall. If you have the money so you can buy the world, please do and do not intimidate those who do not have by being critical of them. In the same vein, if you do not have the money to buy the world, do not be critical of those who can, you are both at different levels. Express yourself at your level and allow people to be themselves. Life is beautiful with the mixture of different personalities. Live and let live - 1!
No man is an animal; live and let live!

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