Sunday, February 5, 2012

Live and let live - 2!

Today is continuation of yesterday’s blog. It is beautiful to just watch people and bask in the beauty of diversity. So much fascinating to watch in the office or in a mall. As we have divers human skin color, so also their ways of doing things. Many individuals regardless of their age may not have grown up in some areas and so do not act right. Some act right, it’s just the way they perceive things that make them act the way they do. Notice the difference and you would be just fine. Example: Ask two persons about their opinion on a black cat; the one will tell you it’s ugly and the other will tell you it’s beautiful. They are both correct, in that, both perceive things differently. Respect their opinion and let the issue rest. Someone may like eating and talking at the same time and you are dinning with them, if you cannot stand it and you cannot respectful tell them to please finish chewing before they talk, then, please leave the table quietly without an attitude. If your friends like turning up the music volume while you go visiting, if you cannot respectfully tell them to turn down the music without screaming at them, give them a good reason to quietly leave. Respect people and give them the chance to grow up and be better persons. Do not find yourself hating and cursing just because someone does not listen to music solemnly like you do or someone do not chew quietly like you does not make them stupid. It’s just that they have not yet grown. You probably learnt fast in life, some persons learn at a slow pace; give them a chance. Are you ready to live and let others live being themselves? Sometimes, learn to laugh and look the other way. People will grow up some day. Live and let live!
Enjoy life!

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