Friday, February 3, 2012

Do what you enjoy as opposed to enjoying what you do!

You might be on a paid employment and for some reasons you are not happy with the job you do and so, you do not put in your best because you feel the money does not match up with the position. Do not accept a job offer or business because of the money involved. Accept a job because you love to do it and in doing it you would help somebody. If you do not enjoy it, you may as well do it haphazardly. Doing it haphazardly does not help anyone and you would not be happy either. Money does not bring happiness. It is what you enjoy doing that brings happiness. Helping or assisting others is one way to happiness. What do you enjoy doing? Enjoying life is not playing musical tune and dancing to it or ordering your best meal for lunch. Dancing to a musical tune or eating your best meal for lunch is one way of having fun but it is for a moment. There are so many ways to have fun but one way to a life time of happiness. If you don’t enjoy what you do you will soon be frustrated with life. Even when you are spiritual about life, you may still be frustrated. You would be wondering in that spiritual state if God exist. Quit enjoying what you do, do what you enjoy doing because the things you enjoy doing have a place for serving people. Start to do what you enjoy today, as opposed to enjoying what you do!
Do what you enjoy!

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