Thursday, February 2, 2012

You only enjoy life when you find yourself!

Yesterday’s blog was about finding yourself. You start enjoying life when you find yourself. Keep asking yourself this question. Have I found myself? If you have not found yourself, you may want to have a quiet moment with yourself. Think through all that has transpired in your life, take a pen and make notes of what you did again and again, that gave you deep satisfaction. I bet you will find out one thing; helping/serving others. What areas are you gifted? Are you a judge? Are you an attorney?  Are you a carpenter? Are you a doctor? Are you a musician? Are you a nurse? Are you a police officer? Are you a cleaner? Are you a shoe cobbler? Are you a banker? Do you enjoy what you do? Are you helping humanity in that position you are? We are at whatever position we are to help others not to make money. The sooner you know this, the better life becomes for you. You find fulfillment when you reach out to serve humanity. The moment you think you are in a position so you can make enough money so you can enjoy, you have lost the reason for living. Don’t get me wrong. You should work and have fun but you do not work to live, you work to serve humanity. You are at the position you are, so someone can get assistance. It is quite a pain to hear someone killed a fellow human or poisoned a fellow human to get a contract, business or a job. No, you cannot do that. Imagine for a moment, if you get all the funds in the world, you would probably sleep in one bed, drive one car on the same road, and fly in the same air; in this same life; after these, what next? Reach inside you, find what you love to do, do it and assist humanity while doing it. By so doing, you enjoy life.
Find you and serve humanity!

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