Thursday, February 9, 2012

What goes around comes around!

This popular legend holds true. There are things we get involved in, in life, which backfires one way or another. You might be working for an employee and hoping to have your own business in a few years but you keep doing things that makes management upset. You print large volumes of personal work at the office, go to work late every day, most times you are unproductive but you are looking to thrive well as an entrepreneur in the future. If you do not take your job seriously now that you are working for someone, there is the tendency that someone who would work for you will do same. This kind of action is what is termed “boomerang”. As an employee do not take delight in taking things from the office home for personal use or if you go visiting your neighbors do not take things from their homes without their permission. It is stealing. Whatever you do not want replicated in your life or business in the future, do not get involved in it. When you serve at your office or whatever place you serve, do what you are paid to do and go home. Do not join the bandwagon of looters who call stealing “taking”, because whatever goes around comes around.
Whatever goes around comes around!

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