Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It is not HOW FAR; it is HOW WELL!

There are times you feel things are moving the way they should. There are times you also feel you are backward in the scheme of things. How do you define these? What is the yardstick for measurement? Yes, you may feel down not because you are backward but because you need rest. You need not feel down because you think you are not doing enough to go forward. Getting ahead in your career or life is not measured by how far you have gone; it is how well you have come. What have you achieved so far? Where are you in list of goal you set for yourself? Every time you write a list of long term or short term goals, do you follow through? If you follow through, you are doing just fine. Be happy where you are and not beat yourself too hard every time you sit down to count your achievements. Be grateful and content with your achievement so far and have faith in yourself that you can make it. It is not how far you have gone on the scheme of things in life, it is how well you have done all you think you have achieve. Example; One individual may have a degree in Agriculture and another may not have a degree but the individual who has a degree wished he had a degree in Information Technology because there are “hot” jobs in this field and he does not know what to do with this degree in Agriculture. Now, the one without a degree finally got a degree in I.T. five years down the line and got a high paying job and moved quickly, bought a house, got married and climbing and doing it well. When you see all around you getting ahead in life, do not think you are not. You cannot move at the same pace with everyone, remember, it is not how far you have come but how well.

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