Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Negative words can be deflated!

Words are powerful and can go as far as a knife can in a human body. But it can only go as far as you allow it. Words are also instruments and they can be used positively and negatively too. Words have tremendous effect and extreme care should be taken as to the words that are allowed in our minds. Words can become pictures if taken seriously and pondered upon. They can come from a song, a book, a speech and so on and forth. These words can become reality if you work on becoming what you see through those words. It matters who you listen to, imitate, songs you listen to and the books you read. Read books that would impact you positively. There are ways you can deflate negative words; if a boss tells you, “you are unreliable” look at yourself and work on being reliable. It maybe you are always late for meetings and you do not finish an assignment given you before you leave for home. Deflate those words by doing the opposite, before long he will reverse his words. Same thing goes for a teacher. A teacher can tell you, you are a “no-good”. Do not take it personally, just look at you and tell yourself, “I can be a great person, I would work on surprising my teacher so she will start saying this is my best student”. Words have effect only if we take it so seriously that it affects your growth and advancement in life. Do not fight back with words, fight back with action to be a better person. Start deflating negative words by acting the direct opposite of what you used to do that caused you those negative words!

Becoming a better YOU!

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