Friday, February 17, 2012

Nothing is worth hoarding!

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We all know some folks are not truthful when it comes to declaring before friends what they have and don’t have. Neighbor A might ask neighbor B if they have a mowing machine or a flower trimmer, neighbor B has, but he will simple say, “no I don’t have”. Next time, neighbor A will see neighbor B mowing his yard and he will re-strategize and ask again but neighbor be will say, “I borrowed it and I have returned it”. What does it take to loan a mowing machine out for use? Why do people hoard stuff? There is nothing in this life that is worth hoarding. Same goes for friends, they do not want to release their books for whatever reason. Also, money is one material that lots of folks hoard and will not want to assist someone with.  It is not a good practice. If someone is asking for an amount that is not feasible to you, you give them what is feasible. No one says you should give away all your savings but don’t tell someone to come tomorrow when you have something to help with, today. This life is not ours, it was borrowed.  Why have a life that is not yours and still hoard things. Whatever you have today is not yours, even if you bought it. It is a privilege we have what we have and we should learn to loan it out or give it away at some point. Let nothing be too big for you to help someone with. You are happier when you loan it anyways, why not loan it. Nothing is worth hoarding as life itself does not hoard daylight or night but these shows up at the times appointed and blesses all under it.

Nothing is worth hoarding!

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