Monday, January 30, 2012

Get your emotions out of the way!

Facts get blurry with emotions. Lousy decisions and bad choices takes center stage in one’s life with emotions in play. Life is too precious to allow emotions get in the way. Each day we interact with people we meet and we are to make decisions from conversations that ensue. Each day we make choices of what cloths to buy, what friends to keep, what friends to strike out from circles of friends, what business to startup, what school to attend and so on and forth. You do not want to mess up with your life. Emotions are to be controlled at all times so they do not rub us of a good life. If not controlled, it causes you to make major and minor mistakes. Example: A young man/lady seeks someone to whom he may be engaged to; look at the facts when making a decision. Does she/he have the potential to be successful? His she/he a mediocre? Who are her/his friends? How does he treat family? What are is short and long term goal? Emotional decision looks at the colour of his eyes, white teeth and velvety skin. Engagement is a major decision in your life because the person you marry would have an influence in your life forever. Sometimes we get into quarrels with colleagues and friends, that should not mean you cannot straighten things out. Emotions tells you to not reconcile but your head says you have to. Do not allow your emotions control you. Do not make major and minor decisions hurriedly. Emotions are a vital part of our lives but we must draw the line between our heads and our hearts. You should know when either of both is involved. Your parents warn you to desist from moving with the wrong crowd, you shun them because you are insecure without your friends. Please, get your thoughts straight. Count the cost of a bad decision against the odds of a good decision made with eyes and brain intact. Life is too beautiful and sensitive to play Ping-Pong with it. Get your emotions out of the way!

Use your head and not your emotions for decisions.

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