Sunday, January 29, 2012

Don't be shy to ask for help!

Everyone at one point in their lives sorted assistance or help from friends, parents, siblings, professors, advisor, pastors and mentors to get to where they are today. Nobody ever got to whatever position they are today without help from someone. No single human is a know-it-all individual. Everyone seek knowledge, that’s why we read books and go to school and the professors give that knowledge, also writers. Life is about precepts. And these precepts are built and attained one step at a time. Do not be shy to ask for help when you are stuck financially or when you are on that road and think you are lost on the next step to take. You may even be a new employee and do not know how to use the computer or you may know how to use the computer but don’t know how to use all the features in excel. Seek help. When you seek help; be truthful and at the same time respectful of the person you are seeking help from. Sometimes you get a “NO” or “I am sorry I cannot assist at this time” for an answer. Do not be fretful of the word “No”. “No” do not mean; you should give up now. “No” means, go to the next in line. Life is about humans having the back of another. Life is not a lonesome place. If someone says “No” that’s not the time to think of committing suicide or indulging in drinking to stupor. When you drink to calm your anger or fears, the same thing you covered with a drink will rise up and hunt you when your eyes are clear of drunkenness.  If someone says “No, I cannot assist you at this time” it means you can try again another time. Be strong and help yourself get ahead in life by asking for help. Scream for help, forget about what people think. Do not be shy to ask for help otherwise you are setting yourself up for failure.
Ask for help!

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