Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dialogue is better than silent treatment!

Yesterday’s blog was about each of us contributing our quota to a better environment. Today is about silent treatment. Silent treatment is commonly practiced among friends, married couples, family members and employees’. Silent treatment is a revenge tactics exhibited by someone to another as a result of hurt done them. They ignore people like they don’t exist and this habit finally becomes part of their character. It is very easy to practice silent treatment and become a pro at it. The popular legend states, “Practice makes perfect”. The more you ignore persons, who hurt you, the better you become in the act. Silent treatment should not be practiced by anyone. If someone hurt you, you should tell them. If your wife hurt you, you should call her in love and let her know, so she can have the opportunity to say, “Sorry”. Sometimes people go through a lot in their life and want to be left alone but it does not help them; if you tried to help such persons and they ignore you, try again because they really need someone to talk to. Also, people do not know they have hurt someone because they grew up in an environment where saying certain words don’t matter. How could a man say he loves his wife and he has not been talking with her for two months and still counting? Or a woman saying she loves her husband and she is not ready to dialogue for a better family. How can a family member say, they love each other and silent treatment is in practice in the house. Sometimes, friends also practice this. Dialogue is far better than silent treatment. Learn to tell someone they just hurt you, given them the chance to apologize. Also, make understanding, your friend, by choosing the right words to say and saying it at the right time too. Learn to dialogue, because it is better than silent treatment.
Dialogue is key to getting along!

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