Friday, January 13, 2012

The past hunts, fight back and triumph!

You cannot run away from the past but you sure can defeat it. Be ready to compete with your past. Be ready to fight the past because it would show up in your daily affairs and in turn disrupt your decision to go forward. The past is like the wind; it deliberately brushes past you uninvited, shows up at the scene without permission, sneak peeks at every activity you are involved with and finally whispers to you why you are no good at anything. Fight back by forgetting the past hurt or pain. The past is not ready to back down for you to triumph. You have to step up the game; you would not relent in your pursuit for success and happiness. You would not give up at every challenge that is on your path. Do not cower. Be strong and courageous and be ready at all times to defeat your past triumphantly, by making the right choices without considering the whispers of the past- that you are no good- take a step forward without considering those ugly thoughts and see yourself moving to the right direction with ease.

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