Thursday, January 12, 2012

Create your own environment and take it with you!

The voices of skeptics could drown your optimism. Moving with the wrong persons could put you in a mediocre and negative atmosphere. Constantly hearing derogatory statements from peers could mar your future. Constantly listening to people’s opinion about whom you are and what you can and cannot do, is a huge way to put you on the road to nowhere. I made up my mind a long time ago to drown the voice of skeptics by creating the words I want to hear from the words someone said to me. If someone said, I cannot be successful in what I purpose to do; I carry with me the opposite of that statement. Sometimes people can say, you are too slim, too dark, too white, you cannot be happy, too fat, too quiet, too bold, too confident, you cannot make it, you are sick, you are down, you cannot be happy on the job, you cannot get a degree, you cannot get married, you cannot have children, do not forgive your dad and so on and forth. These are voices that should be drowned from the word go. You should persistently tell yourself you can do all of the things people say you cannot do. Create your own atmosphere of happiness and positivity. Tell yourself over and over, you can be successful at anything you set your heart at accomplishing. Create your own atmosphere and take it with you wherever you step foot.

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