Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Never nose-dive in your quest for success, you can make!

There are people who see failure before they venture into anything. They perceive danger before they move an inch. This is not the position to assume for one who is looking to get ahead in life. Living a life like this would only result to plummeting deeper further into the so-called failure they perceive. Positive perception is crucial to getting ahead. A high percentage of people are from broken homes. A high percentage of persons are single moms. There are high percentages of orphans and persons from poverty stricken homes. There is no such thing as, ‘substantive reason why i cannot make it’. There is no such thing as I am getting old, I cannot make it now. There is no excuse for living a low life. First, you must deliberately forget the past. Take your pen and write down the things you would love to achieve today and start working towards it. Example: You admire persons with a degree and you do not have the funds to go through school. First, talk with good friends and relatives and see if they would not support your quest for success. Next, get necessary information about the school you would love to attend. Most importantly, apply for a job at the level you are-waitress, waiter, cleaner-start saving in bits for the first session fees and strike a deal with your employer to take care of your next session fee, tell him you would work the hrs. and make up for it over time. I bet your employer will support you and then you grow from there. There are other examples for any age group. Just do something positive and move on from there. Never nose-dive in your quest for success, you can make it.

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