Monday, January 9, 2012

Set your priorities right!

Each day comes with a price and the price is the result of our action. Inaction produces no result and it’s equal to nothing achieved.  A priority set right backed up with action is good success. Today is just one day; tomorrow will make it two days, next three days, and next four days…until its 4years. You did nothing but complained a lot how your parents did not lay the bed of life well, for you to lay on. If you just stop for a moment and set your priorities right by thinking of the first possible step to achieving your dream, that is a major step to the right direction; meaning day one was utilized. Day two, you may want to write down your approach to achieving the first possible step. You have to take deliberate actions to get to your desired end, if not, four years will roll by and you are still complaining. Set your priorities right and decisively move on it swiftly.

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