Sunday, January 8, 2012

Do not hold a grudge against anyone, let go!

You do yourself a great deal of favor by overlooking wrong done you but in the event you are unable to overlook, vent your anger but remember to release forgiveness on whomever the anger was vented upon. It is so funny when someone hurt you and has moved on with life, not even remembering the act but you are the one resenting the one who hurt you, by carrying bitterness against them for months, running into years. Be informed, they are free as the dove and may never even remember they hurt you. It is high time you throw the hurt in the garbage and move on as fast as you can, away from that garbage.  Set yourself free. Be quick to forgive after the rage. Be gracious and kind. Owe no-one forgiveness. If a person hurt you, knowingly or unknowingly, forgive them already. Create room for forgiveness at all times, hold nothing against anyone, by so doing you are helping yourself enjoy life, free of hatred and evil deeds. Do not hold a grudge against anyone, let go!

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