Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's up to you now!

Yesterday’s blog was about discipline. Today, it’s about you having the keys to the door of success or failure. Growing up as children was not much fun, as; our parents wanted the best for us and so they laid down serious rule, disciplined us to be the best we can be. They denied themselves food at times, so we could eat, even if we never noticed. They worked hard to bring us up on the right path. No parent would deliberately want their children to be “no-good”. If you remember, your parents whacked you to go read your books, to switch off the T.V. and go sleep. They were always on your neck, so you could grow up to be a better person. At the time, of course, you were too young to understand and sometimes you refute their discipline but now you understand better. It is now up to you to get the best out of life. No-one except you, would ever be responsible for how you have turned out. Your life now, is the sum of all good and bad choices you have made. There is always time for a change. There is no age limit as to reviewing your steps. Take the right route to your destination or you could wallow in pain of the past forever. It’s up to you to make deliberate right choices in every little detail of your life now. The person you marry, the food you eat, your educational goals, the circles of friends you keep and so on and forth. Stop sleeping all day. Stop the blame, do something! It’s up to you now to change whatever is changeable and deliberately live to enjoy that you can’t change.

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