Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What drives your desire to succeed?

Some individuals’ desire for success is not driven by their past achievements. Their desire to succeed is driven by the car a friend just bought, a friend who just got married, a neighbor who just built a house, a friend who just rented an apartment or flat, a preacher who just bought a jet for personal use, a colleague who just got promoted and so on and forth. All these are genuine successes of people around you and they must be praised for their determination to have gotten thus far. You should be happy for these individuals. Being happy does not mean to say you should be envious or jealous of their successes at the same time. If you are jealous of these individuals, there is the probability you would do the wrong things to achieve whatever you are clamoring to have. The desire to be the best of you each preceding year should be your goal. Your competition is with your past achievement. You should weigh your past achievement with your present and if you are not satisfied with were you are, you may need to have a better plan to achieve greater results. What drives your desire to succeed? Is it to outdo your friend, neighbor, sister, brother, nephew niece, classmates or boss? Let none of these drive your desire to succeed. Your desire to succeed should only be a drive from the dissatisfaction with your present state or past. Never be envious of anyone, your purpose for being is different. You cannot monitor every move they make to measure your success. Ask yourself what drives my desire to succeed? And then, look back at your past achievement and outdo it!

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