Monday, January 23, 2012

Be disciplined!

Family is the base or foundation on which a society stands. A weak foundation indicates a society in the verge of collapse. Discipline in the home is paramount if we are looking to have a society free of social concerns and disorganization. If the family fails to instill discipline in the home, then, individuals would be saddled with the weight of having to discipline themselves to be better citizens of the society. Personal discipline is paramount if you as an individual are looking to get ahead in life. Discipline yourself to be quiet, sit down and talk when you are required to. To stay fit, eat the right meal, right portion of meal, and at the right time. To be in tune with society, you have to discipline yourself to watch the news and read books. Discipline yourself to respect authority. To pass your exam you have to discipline yourself to follow your schedule for studies. To sleep fine, you have to discipline yourself to forget wrong done you and eat dinner before 7pm. To be alive, you have to discipline yourself not to drink and drive. To avoid getting STD’s, you have to discipline yourself to abstain from sex. Discipline yourself to be content and not prostitute to get money to meet your needs. Discipline yourself to respect your parents even if you think they are the dumbest of humans in the face of the earth-thinking of them this way is bad enough. Discipline yourself to not throw dirt anywhere you find yourself, dirt are meant to be thrown in trash bins. Discipline yourself to do the dishes in the home if no-one would. Discipline yourself to stay on a queue. Discipline yourself not to throw dirt out the window of a car in motion, the list goes on. These issues, if not checked, makes society chaotic, otherwise we have a disciplined and organized society. Be disciplined!

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