Sunday, January 22, 2012

Avoid chain reactions!

Some actions are not to be considered at all. Actions like the wrong choices pointed out in yesterday’s blog. Sometimes a deliberate shift from wrong is necessary. The right decisions are to be made constantly and swiftly too. There are some actions that can cause a chain reaction, hurting not only you but your loved ones. Example: You work outside of town, which requires you to be on the highway day after day. You hug your wife and kids and told them you will see them later in the day. Now, they have expectation as to seeing you at the end of the day but you did not show up because you had an accident which caused you to be bedridden. You actually made the wrong decision by driving opposite traffic and now your family is in the hospital to see you. They are not happy, and they cry every day for your quick recovery. Your wife has to pay the hospital bills because you no longer work. She cannot meet up with payment of the hospital bills, she goes asking family members, unfortunately non could assist. Now, everyone is miserable because of one bad decision. There would always be a chain reaction to every bad decision made either directly or indirectly. Think twice before you take that next step. Cross examine the odds of the good and bad in every situation posed at you and make the right choices, to avoid chain reactions. Nobody wants a bad outcome and so a thorough check and balance is required. Avoid chain reactions!
Don't make loved ones miserable!

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