Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Get a mentor to guide you to your destination!

Have you ever wished you could be like someone, dress like someone, smile like someone, walk like someone, born in a particular family, be in a particular country and so on and forth. To think like this is not bad but when you fantasize about it day after day, that now becomes a problem, as it could spiral into jealousy and envy. Do you realize you can accomplish anything you set your heart at? If you think you could be a President someday make friends with people who have a drive to succeed politically and try to work your way from being the President in the classroom, to being the President of the school club, next work your way to the position of the president in your local community. That’s the way to go. You can be anything you want to be. You need a guide, a mentor who would help you start the journey from where you are now, to the place you love to be. Anyone, regardless of their age,  needs a mentor. Who do you admire that have successfully gone through the ropes in life and is doing well? Contact this person, and ask him/her to be your mentor. A mentor gives you a push to the right direction. They show you the way in the darkest path. Get one today!

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