Thursday, January 19, 2012

Help yourself succeed!

You have a dream, drive and a goal? Don't just sit there and do nothing. Do whatever it takes to making it happen but do not rob, cheat, steal, kill or take advantage of anyone to make your dream happen. Make deliberate right choices. Make a list of what you would do each day and help yourself realize it. Instead of going to that party, why not read a book? Instead of gossiping about Jones escapades with that “friend” of yours, why not let it go down the drain. Instead of watching movies all day, read a book or take a break and think good thoughts on how you would make your life better, without breaking the bank. Instead of sitting on the bathroom sit stirring into space, why not read a magazine. Instead of being on facebook 24/7 why not do it for 15-20mins daily. Seek knowledge continuously regarding your purpose for being. YouTube is a free tool that you can learn just about anything. You can make your dream come true by the books you read, the people you listen to and the environment you find yourself. Do not be in the company of friends who are mediocre. Life is too beautiful to waste it and a lot of people are waiting to be blessed by you. There would be time for pleasure and it is after success. Add positive traits to your character and personality daily, no matter how small. Reach out to mentors and get all you can to succeed. Help yourself succeed!

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