Friday, January 20, 2012

Mediocre characteristics don't help, run from them!

There are acts put up by some individuals, which can be labeled as highway to nowhere. And there are some friends who deliberately will not tell you when you are on that highway. The high way to nowhere is easy to recognize. Example: A group of peer smoke crack and have invited you to join in. A friend who happened in the midst of a group of robbers has planned to break the bank and have invited you to join in because you have been broke and needs to “help” you. Your mother in-law, who has been living with you, has been too controlling of her son and you confided in a friend and she told you to deal with her by locking the food compartment. Your boss has been hard on you to meet up with assignment deadline and you see it as wickedness. You know your significant order needs to be with you every evening after work but you choose to be with the guys. A friend tells you, you cannot make it to College/University because you have no money. You significant order is out of job and you are finding it hard to go by each day, a friend advised you to pack it up. Your significant order has been concerned with you not being affectionate to the kids and you are giving them the silent. treatment. These are all road to greater chaos and pain. Mediocre characteristics exist in some persons, and are everywhere, and are not going to be out of the scene anytime soon. The handwriting is on the wall, can’t you see its time to take your boat and sail away from these kinds of persons who are ordinary and dry in their thinking, and way of life? Mediocre characteristics don’t help, run from them!

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