Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Givers always find a way in distress!

Generosity is the most attractive thing that a person can have function in their lives. Hardness of heart downs the sun. Give away smiles easily. Give away kind acts, food, shelter and money as easy as the wind blows. In the process you make yourselves happy. Hold tight to nothing. True story: Daniel was driving with his wife along the high way and found a car parked by the road side with its owner helpless. As he continued driving he suddenly made a stop and asked the helpless man how he could assist. Daniel reach out for his jack, helped the man replace his flat tire and drove off afterwards. The helpless man could not thank him enough, so he entered his vehicle and started his journey, ahead of him was a woman screaming beside a car with a man who laid stone cold on the floor by the high way. He decided to pull over because he was earlier rescued by a kind man and performed CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) on the lifeless man and in the process restored the man’s life. He looked with intent and noticed this was the same man who helped him with his flat tire. He was dumbfounded and in shock for a moment with the thought of how Daniel's kindness paved way for his survival. Be generous, you may be helping yourself in the process.

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