Thursday, January 5, 2012


In all you find yourself doing daily, please, do it with excellence and clarity of purpose. Ask yourself some questions intermittently like; if I do this right where would it take me? If I get involved in the bad deals what are the consequences? If I join the rebellious at work, what will it cost me? If I do my job right, what would I gain? If I treat customers’ right, what is my reward? If you set out to do right by deliberately gearing your conscious self towards right, you would reap the fruit. Standout from the crowd. Be associated with excellence. Let your parents, bosses, supervisors, teachers, siblings, friends, coworkers and classmates vouch for you at any point in time, that you are credible and worthy in all dealings with people. Be counted amongst the people who make the right things happen. Be accountable and focused at the same time. Keep your head up and count the steps left to your success it is closer than you envisaged, I bet. Standout!

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