Friday, July 20, 2012

Simple courtesy for responsible living - 42

Being courteous sends a beautiful ambience to those around you ~ Ochuko

Sometimes, it is hard to remember people’s names, especially when they are introduced swiftly, and running into the same person that was once introduced earlier and not remembering his/her name when one is supposed to be introducing them to one’s friends is not a crime; it becomes a crime when one deliberately introduces others around by name to this person and not introduce this person to others by name.

If at any time you run into someone that was introduced to you earlier, and you could not remember their name while introducing them to someone else, you should make a joke out of it, like, “hey, meet my friend Rosy, Rosy meet…oh this wind that steals names just stole your name, please forgive me, what’s the name again” and everybody laughs; that settles it. Please do not play blind to issues like this, it does not tell well of you.

Simple courtesy for responsible living - 42
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