Saturday, July 21, 2012

Simple courtesy for responsible living - 43

Courtesy is about positive messages coated with scented aroma as opposed to negative messages coated with repelling aroma. Courtesy paints a rosy picture about you that screams the words, “I am beautiful but negative words paints the picture about you that screams, “I am ugly.” ~ Ochuko

Everyone employed by an organization is a staff of that organization and they all deserve respect regardless of the position they occupy.

Cleaners who are at the bottom of the corporate ladder are supposed to be regarded as much as top executives of firms, not because of their positions, but because they are first humans.

Cleaners for instance are meant to clean the office every work day before the arrival of the administrative staff, and when they do this, they are surprised by the food remains around the work area of some staff. As a result, these so called admin staff are tagged a nuisance which breeds disregard and disrespect for them (admin staff).

Why will a staff’s work area be littered with food particles and biscuit wraps day in day out?

You do not want to litter your work area with the mind that the cleaner will clean it; that is considered disrespect (repelling aroma), which will be served to you just as you served it. Treat others as you will have them treat you always (scented aroma), do not litter your work area because the cleaner will clean it the next morning; use the waste basket. Correct?

Simple courtesy for responsible living - 43
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