Thursday, July 19, 2012

It is not always about ME, but about YOU.

Believe it or abhor it; acts of love and kindness are embedded with priceless rewards that benefits both the giver and the receiver ~ Ochuko

Whenever I walk towards an entrance, I would normally look over my shoulder to see if anyone is following closely; if someone is following closely, I will hold the entrance door for them and release same as soon as they reach for the handle.

This morning, I was walking to towards an entrance to a planned destination, and I decided to apply the ritual of looking over my shoulder to see if anyone is following closely, then I saw someone carrying a ladder on his shoulder from about 40 meters from me. I had the option of going through the entrance and shutting the door behind me without waiting for him, considering the distance. But, I allowed love and kindness take over the decision making side of my brain by saying to myself, “He is carrying a ladder, if I go through this door without waiting, who will open the door for him?” Next option was the answer to the question I just asked myself, “He will drop the ladder, open the door and drag the ladder through the door”. Then, I thought to myself, “Why don’t you be just nice by waiting and holding the door for him till he gets here, since he is alone and no one around to help him?”

I finally chose to open the door, waited for him to go through the door and went into the building after him.

Now, I was the better for it. I was so happy I helped him. He had a great smile on his face that said, “You are an angel” and he said, “thank you”. Thank you was the best gift that started my day.

Choose to help someone in your own little way today; remember you and the receiver will benefit greatly; it is not always about you, but about someone else.

It is not always about ME but about YOU.
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