Thursday, May 10, 2012

Simplify your approach!

If I desire success in any endeavor, first question I should ask myself is; do I have a goal? If i have a goal, next question will be; how do i get there? That is where A PLAN comes in. If I am truly determined to get to a set mark, I should be able to have a roadmap on how to get there. There are several options i may put forward that may be unclear or unrealistic which may call for reconsideration. While trying to reconsider my approach options, I may want to simplify them too. Why would i want to achieve success in an endeavor and still be hard on myself? On my quest for success, I will choose the simplest way of getting to my desired goal instead of the hard and unrealistic way because choosing the hard and unrealistic way may make me run into dead ends which was not initially envisioned.  
Simplify your approach!
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