Friday, May 11, 2012

Have you stopped moving?

The moment one stops moving/excited about life, one starts dying ~ Ochuko.
Life is all about movement. The sun, moon, bacteria, animal, rivers, ocean and so on and forth are in constant motion that will NEVER CEASE. The human body is not left out, the head and all other body parts grow at the same pace and no one part is left behind, otherwise someone needs to see a doctor. Our minds, desires run; even when we are on a track and field race, our whole body runs too.  On my quest for success, I will be armed with the fact that I cannot begin an endeavor and expect success when my core being is not immersed in it. I cannot run and win with my legs alone; I need my whole body to be completely involved in a race to achieve a win. 
Have you stopped moving?
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