Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Is there not a cause?

Irritation about the status quo that immediately demands answer with authority coupled with confidence signifies solution is nearby ~ Ochuko. 
Everyday people seek solution to their deepest need, that's why there is constant human movement on roads, sea and in the air. These solution sought could be for a loved one sick or dying, a business winding up, someone looking for daily bread, someone who's marriage is failing etc. For those who are wondering what next in the chapter of their lives and don't know what to do, the question is;  is there not a cause? Until a cause for change naturally swells inside of you, you may not have the courage or will power to start a quest for success. On my quest for success, I will not be complacent and satisfied with where I am. If i am satisfied with where I am, then, it's time to help someone get to that place, as there is always something or someone to fight for in this life.  
Is there not a cause?
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