Thursday, May 17, 2012

Free yourself from your prison!

Oh heavens! If minds are opened, i can only imagine pictures that will be seen. Our minds work in accordance with how we have trained it over time. If you've trained your mind to forgive humans when they err, you find that overtime you want to deal with any human issues and get over it immediately; otherwise, you may have people in shackles locked up in your prison. Free the wicked, unkind, stupid, foolish, senseless, unreasonable etc. so you will be free because the more people are locked up in your prison the more you are imprisoned, and may never have beautiful moments, which in-turn may lead to sickness, and ultimately death. On my quest for success, I will deliberately overlook some wrongs, and the ones i cannot overlook i confront head-on in a peaceful manner, so I may have peace.  
Free yourself from your prison!
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