Friday, May 18, 2012

Is color only skin deep?

The ills in society are cause by people not color; I can bet on that with a trillion box. If one travel around each continent, I bet they will find that people are the same in attitude. It does not matter the skin color; red, white, black, brown, cream etc. If you take off the skin of a human you will be left with, a heart, a brain, blood and bones. There is no one country in a continent that is 100% free of theft, harassment, killing, rape, child abuse, fraud, irresponsible leaders and so on and forth. Some countries are popularly known for one major problem and that is how the world views them. On my quest for success, I will not be deceived by the color of the human skin but will look past skin color when dealing with humans in any part of the world 'cos color is only skin deep.  
Is color only skin deep?
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