Saturday, May 19, 2012

How do you draw conclusion?

Beauty, intelligence and distastefulness are inherent in everyone on the face of the earth; it is up to us to allow our inner beauty rise above all. For some, these can be heard, for others it can be seen and yet for many more it can be felt when tapped. No human being is ugly, blank or incapable of learning. Every human being  has a beautiful side and ugly side to their personality. Life is all about diversity. The sooner everyone accept this fact the better we will all be. Someone tagged "pretty" may have a very nasty inside that when they open their mouth, someone gets wounded badly emotionally. In the same vein someone tagged "ugly" may have a beautiful inside that when they open their mouth someone gets healed emotionally. Reach inside someone and get the best out, instead of looking for the evil in them. On my quest for success, I will not be moved by someone's appearance or being critical about anyone based on what someone else said about them but will make my own judgment after meeting them in person severally.   
How do you draw conclusion?
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