Sunday, May 20, 2012

Do you pull stunts?

There are stunts that are pulled that have an adverse effect on others and there are some pulled that put smiles on faces. The person who is pulling negative stunts will only go so far because their image will always be tainted when they are done, and they create more enemies than friends. An example; a co-worker confided in me three (3) years ago about how he deflated an accountants tire in the office when he refused to reimburse him for personal funds spend on a company trip. Now, I got winds of my friend's promotion due in days, i move quickly to tell the accountant of what had happened, this was forwarded and the promotion was halted. What do i gain pulling this stunt? Will i get that promotion? On my quest for success, I will be content and grateful for where I am, and also be able to keep words told me in confidence, unless i know that person poses a threat to a life.    
Do you pull stunts?
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