Monday, May 21, 2012

Are you confident in yourself?

Security, trust and fear are in one family. If one is insecure, it means not being able to trust someone and having fear of the unknown. If one has trust in someone, it means you are secured in them and you do not fear the unknown. Why indulge in tracking the conversation of your friends, boss, business associates, co-worker or significant other? This move portrays lack of confidence, and can only point to one direction; incompetence. Being oneself and doing the right thing and at the right time regardless of what people around may say, portrays confidence in one's ability and this yields positive outcome, otherwise negative outcome that can be smelt from a mile away. On my quest for success, I will be confident in my ability and display same in whatever i indulge in, this in turn will reveal how secured i am, and being secured depicts strength, courage, and fearlessness.   
Are you confident in yourself?
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