Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Do humans have differing comfort levels?

There is enough room at the top for everyone but not everyone will make it to the top because of reasons best known to them. Everyone definitely have a level of comfort and an idea of what they will become, but then again, they limit themselves.  One may dream of having a 9-5 job, a used car, a two (2) bedroom apartment, a family and be just fine if they can achieve this. Another may dream of having their own business, a new luxury car, a house or mansion and will be just fine. Whatever your dream is, that is your comfort level. Never make mockery of another because of the level they are, they may have chosen to live that way. On my quest for success, I will be armed with the truth that comfort level differ, that some people can handle luxury to its fullest, while others may not yet others are still on their way to luxurious living. Finally, i will learn to respect everyman at their comfort level.   
Do humans have differing comfort levels?
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