Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Are you a chief superintendent?

There are characteristics some persons may display that may make people come to wrong conclusions about their personality. Inappropriate dressing, talking too much in public, not comporting oneself with dignity in public etc. are some characteristics people may display that give them away quickly. In spite of these ugly characteristics, no one is made a "chief superintendent" over such persons. They have a right to do anything with their lives at least in the midst of humans. What happened to freedom of movement, speech, dressing and so on and forth? If you have a friend, sister, niece or a brother whom you think needs help, please give advice in an "acceptable form". For "freedom" sake one is allowed to scrutinize every dick and harry that comes across their path. On my quest for success, while i try to help some individuals straighten up in a respectful manner, i will also keep in mind that i am not placed a "chief superintendent" over them.   
Are you a chief superintendent?
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