Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Do you join in the act?

Silence at ills spoken against another who is absent, depicts support ~ Ochuko
Sometimes I stand in awe of why some people indulge in talking ill of others or even their friends but themselves. Saying awful things about someone at their back or in front of them is tantamount to murder.  Worse off, is someone who tends to disagree with the act but kept silent for fear of being removed from the circle. I like to call this an accomplice to character assassination and whoever keeps silent is guilty of the same.  My hunch is, you don't want to be called an assassin, so why indulge or remain silent in this idiotic act? On my quest for success, it does matter that I do not speak ill of anyone especially at their absence, learn to mind my business and to stop someone before they begin talking ill of another because i do not want to be grouped as an unwise fellow.  
Do you join in the act?
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