Monday, May 14, 2012

Do you agree?

Nature is beautiful, even so all men and all that dwell therein. Mothers are much more beautiful than them all because without them the earth cannot be populated. Mothers carry the weight of pregnancy, the pain of child birth, they bear the agony of a stubborn child and they also bask in pride in the success of a focused child. Mothers most especially nurture and they do this will love regardless of the many hurt caused by all that exist through them. On my quest for success, I will by no means disrespect any human and much more not disrespect a woman regardless of the hurt they may cause sometimes because of too much weight they are saddled with either at home from the one they love, on the streets, at work etc. I have come to realize they are worth having around, and that when they are treated right or bad they tend to double same and give it to the author of that very situation. Treat all women with respect always. Much love to all you mothers!

Do you agree!
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