Monday, May 28, 2012

Is innocence long gone?

Some few years back people could visit friends, sit just anywhere with anybody and just laugh and have a good time without suspicion of any kind. A man can pick up a lady on the streets and take her to her destination without a gift in return. People can see two opposite sex in a car in motion and don't care if the lady is their wife or girlfriend. Everybody just minded their businesses and focused on a higher matter, progress. Nowadays, if a lady stands at a bus-stop conversing with a male friend, there is nose raising and eyes popping from cars or persons at the sidewalk wanting to know something. Where is the innocence we once shared? Where is the innocence that cared enough to help a stranger? Wake up people! Don't allow the happenings of today darken your heart. Take upon you innocence that knows no evil  or suspicion but do this with wisdom. On my quest for success, I will deal wisely with people and at the same time not forget to take upon me innocence that knows no evil nor suspicion except in a situation where trust given is broken.
Is innocence long gone?
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