Sunday, May 27, 2012

Are you looking for spotlight?

There is a popular legend that says, 'charity begins at home" ~ Sir Thomas Browne. This quote is so true. Some people like to be famous for good works in public but are a "monster of sadness and shame" in their own home. Why would everybody know you as a "Goodman", "Giver" outside, except in your home? Seek to help your family in one form or another. Everything doesn't necessarily have to be centered on money and whatever act of kindness one is pursuing or want to be known for should begin at their home because if members of a family cannot vouch for your, "act of kindness" you are in a world of fantasy and fame that will only go so far. On my quest for success, I will first show act of kindness to my loved ones and then extend same to the world otherwise I am a hypocrite looking for spotlight that won't last anyway.
Are you looking for spotlight?
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